WEb Development Leadership Program


The fist program, Web Development Leadership Program (WDLP), is for students with little to no programming experience. This program exposes students to web development and client engagement processes. Students will:

  • Learn how to develop websites on WordPress
  • Build a functional website for a business
  • Give back to the community by engaging with website clients
  • Learn professional development skills such as communication, project management, and teamwork

Student’s website example: https://asharangappa.com/


Emmanuel Ahonle (C2C ‘20) and Samuel Gunter (C2C ‘20) working together on their technical project at our first Hackathon prepping for Demo Day!

Software Engineering Leadership Program


The second program, Software Engineer Leadership Program (SELP), targets those students who have previous coding experience and are ready to be challenged further. Through project-based learning students will begin to build their technical portfolio. Students will:

  • Learn front-end development using JavaScript
  • Understand back-end development using Python
  • Build technical portfolio in Github
  • Develop a technical project with a team to present at our annual Demo Day

In addition, students who are eligible will have an opportunity to apply and interview for a paid internship with our corporate partners.

WEb Entrepreneurship Essentials


In the Web Entrepreneurship Essentials (WEE) students are given the opportunity to create a website students are competing in weekly competitions to create websites for businesses, entrepreneurs and working professionals. Students will:

  • Refine their technical web development skills
  • Create website MVPs (minimum viable products) in 48 hours
  • Pitch a demo of their products to web development clients
  • Winners will work alongside clients towards website completion 
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