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Code2College is program for kids to teens of all ages to learn how to code and experience the wonders that coding can offer. Our local team of professionally trained program coders are looking to teach coding and web development skills to traditionally underrepresented students in order to push them through college, and STEM careers. This can be a great opportunity for students that are interested in the STEM  career path to choose or what their interest are. We love seeing our student choose the STEM field and would love more to expand our program to give opportunities to low income students a chance to learn coding. Most of the time when we see the face of the youth coding we can see their determination and passion for these kind of activities. Code2College teaches you a lot and builds amazing skills that prepares you for the real world and the fast-pace jobs that deal with coding. But Code2College is all about coding, we expand upon helping our students succeed in their education and to explore career because we want the best for our students. We are looking forward to all the thing our students can bring and you can be great of a help too and see how you can join!

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“I’ve had an incredibly positive experience with Code2College over the past two years” “From the mentors to my peers in the program, I felt as though it was okay to go outside of my comfort zone and experiment with a variety of concepts and frameworks, from professional development to coding.”
Tilo Garcia

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